About Allaiya Ballaiya

About 21 years ago when hardly anyone had an idea about Garba specifically meant for kids, senior journalist Anil Devpurkar came up with an idea and we took initiative to provide an atmosphere of Garba for the kids and by the kids. We named it ALLAIYA BALLAIYA  .

Since then  ALLAIYA BALLAIYA  has been a phenomenon name that kids love to be a fraction of it and ponder upon. ALLAIYA BALLAIYA has been the largest and the best children Garba for over last 21 years consecutively. 

Since inception.. we have never charged any entry fee to kids below the age of 14, so that they can maintain their innocence & incorruptibility to enjoy Garba. As it was fundamentally conceptualize for them and them only..

We have avoided commercialization and we still stand against it. Hence, in a way of contribution, advertisements and sponsorships are a must to nurture this splendid cause. Till last rupee of such contributions of past years used only and only for this righteous foundation only, which, made ALLAIYA BALLAIYA, what it is today.. 

We expect your cooperation by means of contribution this year too and years to come, to maintain the core value of the concept of  Garba for the Kids, and by the kids and of the kids ..

Advertisements always receive a vast exposure at ALLAIYA BALLAIYA due to a huge crowd and good word of mouth, on average increasingly.. During this 10 days Festival, with Grace of Mataji  almost 50,000 to 75,000 people visits ALLAIYA BALLAIYA to enjoy this auspicious event. 

We would want you to contribute to make it better and better. Be a sponsor of joyfulness in the midst of little cheerful innocence. Be a part of your days as a kid from beginning to end with ALLAIYA BALLAIYA. 

With Expecting Contributions from Your end,  Jai Mataji  from team ALLAIYA BALLAIYA. 

With Warm Regards..

Allaiya Ballaiya